$15/hr Photo Touch Up

If you just need some minor fixes, such as lighting adjustments or hot spot fixes, I charge $15 for every hour spent on photo touch ups.

$50/hr Old Photo Restoration

Your treasured memories deserve to be brought back to life through re-coloration and hot spot repairs. For every hour I spend fixing your pictures, I charge $50.

$60/hr Photomanipulation

I can take one of your own photos and manipulate them into your wildest fantasies. This process takes a lot of work, but as you can see from the examples, the results are breathtaking. For every hour spent on fantasy photomanipulation, I charge $60.

$75/hr Logo Design

Designing a logo takes a lot of thought and work, but I won’t rest until the values and aesthetics of your business are exemplified through your logo. For every hour spent on designing your logo, I charge $75.

$100 Digital Painting

If you’d like to commission a digital painting, I charge $100 flat. The cost may go up depending on the complexity of your request.

Photoshop Portfolio