How do you like the new look?

When I was in high school, I couldn’t choose between photography, videography, or photoshop. I loved them all, and I knew I needed to put my services under one big umbrella. At the time, I thought I sounded super cool and mysterious by choosing a brand name that was, in my opinion presently, too vague.

I used to be Wilting Fantasies.

I liked it because I could design the aperture of a camera as if it were petals wilting away. It looked cool to me.

But nobody likes the sound of their fantasies wilting.

And nobody understands what on earth my services are unless I explain it to them.

So… Wilting Fantasies gotta go.

Today, I’m in college.

I’ve decided that if I’m really going to get serious with this stuff, I need to rebrand myself with a straightforward name that says, “Hey, I’m being more professional. Take me seriously.”

So, I did some digging. I knew I wanted to put my name in there somewhere, just like how most photographers call their brands by their full name.

“Angela Shipman Photography.”

Sounds nice, but it’s long and I don’t just do Photography. Moving on.

“Angela Shipman’s Lens?”

Meh. Still too long for my tastes.

“Angela’s Lens?”

While “lens” does encompass my desire to showcase my photography, videography, and photoshop skills, other people might mistake me for somebody who sells glasses or something. So, no.

“Angela’s Productions”

Now, there’s a name that sounds professional. It’s medium length. “Productions” encompasses my services. And my name is on it!

So, here we are. I’ve still got business cards and whatnot to design. There are kinks to work out on the new website.

I’ve still got so much learning and growing to do.

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